The Muslim Brotherhood: A “glorified soup kitchen with Hitler powers”


Is Mohamed Morsi morphing into a dictator?


Egypt has a complicated past when it comes to the Nazis.

When the British were fighting to keep Rommel from seizing the Suez Canal – and with it their gateway to India – many Egyptians were praying for a German victory.

Understandably, their enemy’s enemy was a welcome friend – even if he did have a dodgy moustache and some  questionable views on race relations.

In this article on the current political mess, Cairo-based reporter Sarah Carr argues that Mohamed Morsi has now acquired “Hitler powers” following his recent presidential decree.

A personalised account of her thoughts on the situation, she says Morsi’s recent actions have made her agonise over whether she was right to vote for him in the summer run-off.

“The thought that I may have contributed to voting in this avuncular yet megalomaniac individual backed up by an army of devotees is an uncomfortable feeling to say the least,” she says. “And the word “Ermächtigungsgesetz” (a law passed in 1933 that made Hitler a dictator) keeps flashing before my eyes.”

Hopefully any similarities between Morsi and Hitler will prove to be short-lived.

There has been plenty of speculation about the direction in which Egypt is heading, but the road to Nuremburg is perhaps not the most desirable.