UK’s “Abu Ghraib”

A photo of British detention methods which emerged during a previous trial of UK troops

Here is a piece from the UK’s Guardian newspaper about a high court action being brought by hundreds of Iraqis who say they were abused by British troops in a secret interrogation centre near Basra.

The government is refusing calls for a public inquiry and has said the Ministry of Defence will pursue its own internal investigation instead. A full-scale probe would be too costly apparently (and naturally an in-house MoD investigation would be far less inclined to reveal unpalatable truths about, well, the MoD)

The Guardian seems to be the only UK paper going for this story – hardly surprising really. The more febrile elements of Britain’s fourth estate rarely miss a chance to portray Muslims or the Middle East in sensationally disparaging terms, yet seem less inclined to investigate the shortcomings of our much-vaunted armed forces and their conduct in a war which all of the right-wing press supported.